Monday, November 14, 2005

The Guidelines from Expert (So called)

Well, let's start of with some theories first.

To be honest, i don't like theory, i like action. One will not reaches the goal by just memorising the theories or principles he / she learnt from the books (or the web)

Being an expert (I claimed to be) as well as a consultant, i must be able to spell out the guidelines (some peoples called it best practices) before i can convince you (or my customers) to continue reading my blog, am i rite?

Okay, let's look at some guidelines: -
  1. Target your market - Without a clear idea of your target market, you will never be able to success. What i trying to say is, you must know to which market your web site is cater for, identity the market needs, focus on the needs and you will be there.
    Taking this blog as an example, i know what my blog caters for, i will only publish information related to my topics and my target market, i can't be publishing some information related to Cosmetics Products here. You get what i trying to say?
  2. Content, Content and Content - Simple as it is, you need content in your web site. Well, don't get me wrong, what i mean here is really useful and updated contents. Okay, if you can't squeeze any contents, go copy from others web sites. Make sure you asked for permission before you copy. There are some web sites out there offers free articles, the famous one would be EzineArticles
  3. Build for simplicity - Make your web site as simple as possible. What "Simplicity" here means: -
    1. Information must be easily located and accessed
    2. Information must be categorized. As much as possible, build catalog of information in your web site, for example if your web site is targeting IT market, you may then categorized your articles according to the field like Hardware, Software and etc.
    3. Simple navigation on your web site. On every page in your web site, there must be linkage to all other pages, or category in your web site, always allowed user to go back to Home, or back to previous page
  4. Consistency is the key - Make sure the site is consistent in look, feel and design. Nothing is more jarring and disturbing to a users than feeling as if they have just gone to another site. Keep colors and themes constant throughout the site.
  5. Need for speed - Speed is essential? Yes, or may be not as for today. Well, i will not emphasize much on this guideline. Broadband is so widely adopted in every part of the world, for those dial up users, we greatly apologize.
    Again, back to point No. 1, if you know your target market, which mainly on dial up users, so this is a killing factor which you must pay attention.
  6. Mutiple Browsers Support - Argh... This is again optional for my consideration. I know, i know FireFox users population is increasing, i know MAC users population is increasing. But, the fact is, Internet Explorer is still the king.

Although i don't really believe in theories, but the fact is, you must obey the first 4 (No. 1 to No.4) guidelines as much as possible. Trust me, it does help.


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