Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hosting, after a domain...

The next thing, after you have purchased a domain name; you still need to have a web hosting in order to build a web site.

Often, a domain name registrar (please refer to previous post, Buy domain name today! to get your domain name) will offer hosting plans for an extra monthly fee. But remember, it is not necessary to use the same company to host your web site!
What i mean here is, you can register your domain at Company A and get your hosting from Company B (I've few domains registered at and maintaining hosting from

There are hundreds of thousands of web hosts and the pricing and services vary considerably. Choosing a web host can be difficult if you do not know where to begin. Depending on your hosting needs your preferences will differ.

Newbie may prefer free hosting as they are just getting started, newbies which deal with mainly HTML can easily get a free hosting from, (Educational Package) and etc.

More experienced webmasters may choose a low cost host like, iPowerWeb, ZestHost and etc, with more advanced features and supported technologies.


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