Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Know your "Weapon"!

Okay, let's get into topic now, understanding your weapons!

I am an IT Consultant (Some prefer to classified us as Programmer, or Developer! But i must emphasize, i am a CONSULTANT!!!), most of the time, i will need to get into development work (Yes, the fact is, i do programmer's works as well). Following are some of the tools that i have experienced with, i will share with you what i think about each of the tool i introduced, at the end of this posting, i will also summarize the features and functions of each tool: -

  1. Microsoft Office FrontPage - My favorite tool, i've started of with FrontPage since the very first version, i think is back in Windows 98 which runs on PWS (Personal Web Server), if i am not mistaken.
    To be honest, not much major changes on FrontPage along the way (I mean in term of features and function for HTML Authoring). Major enhancement over the latest version is the integration with Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server and Windows Sharepoint Services. FrontPage is the official customization tool for both of these products.

  2. Macromedia Dreamweaver - Most peoples favorite authoring tool. I've been using this tool for few months, for a simple classic ASP based project. Not really impressing at that point of time (3 years back). But, there must be a reason why most peoples (Developers, Web Designer, Programmer) love this tool.

  3. CuteHTML Pro - If you have heard abot CuteFTP, the name CuteHTML Pro will sounds familiar to you. Is actually from the same company, GlobalScape. CuteHTML Pro will be your choice if you are looking for a lightweighted, yet powerful authoring tool. It has the capabilities in managing code including CSS, HTML, XHTML, XML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, WML, ColdFusion, and Perl. CuteHTML Pro can generate complex HTML code quickly and efficiently using wizard-like assistants.

  4. NotePad - Don't laugh when i mentioned about this, some peoples do write their HTML pages using NotePad (At least i did that, once upon a time). But, without any Intellisense, color coding, auto indentation, this is certainly not a choice.
    The only reason for this is because it is FREE!


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