Monday, November 14, 2005

The Process Cycle

The previous post is about guidelines (or best practices) to be considered for building a web site. Now, i would like to discuss about the process cycle, the process cycle of a web site.

Take a look at the following image,

There are 3 steps involved in the entire process cycle: -

  1. Gather - If you still remember in my previous posting, i emphasized in the guidelines, target the market and contents!
    So, the first step of the process would be gathering contents which able to target the market, contents can be coming from any sources like Books, Magazines, Web Sites, Journals, Newspapers, and etc.
    Make sure you gather enough RELEVANT INFORMATION, again i would like to emphasize, please gather only RELEVANT INFORMATION!!!
  2. Publish - This steps, publish your content to the internet. Of couse, at this point of time, you may not be able to publish information to the Internet (Assuming you are newbie, know nothing about web site development). But no worries, later in this blog, you will be able to find very useful information in web site development. I am sure you can do it if you follow all my posting. You may be able to find lots of web sites out there teaching you how to create web site, go and try all those tutorial sites first, if they failed you, this blog is always right here waiting.
  3. Enhance - Of course, do not easily satisfied with the contents you collected yesterday, always work on to improve what you have. Enhance the existing information while moving on for new and fresh information!


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