Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sharpen your weapon before you go for a Battle!

Yes, this is true, very true!

Knowing the tools before you start making your hand dirty in doing all the works. It is always important to choose the suitable tools, choosing the right tools will make your life easier. Believe me, pay some times in learning each of the tool and find the one which is most suitable for you, my suggestion may not be the best, it is ultimately your human instinct to choose the tool that fit your “taste” (More than half of my friends love Macromedia Dreamweaver, but honestly, I am those few who loves Microsoft FrontPage, for whatever reason).

I will summarize the features and the friendliness of each tool in the later post, perhaps it will provide you some idea before trying out each tool. There are two types of tools we will need to start off: -
  • Authoring Tool – The tool you will be using to author the HTML text, use this tool to produce all your HTML documents

  • Design Tool – The tool to design the layout of your web site. Also use this tool to produce all required icons, graphics and etc.


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