Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tips from expert! Choose the right domain name

Well, some tips from expert!

  1. Your Domain Name Should Be Your Website Name
    Naming your site after your domain may seem obvious to some of you, but you'll be surprised to learn that not every website is named after the domain name even when the webmaster owns that domain name.

    Naming a site after its domain name is important, for the simple reason that when people think of your website, they'll think of it by name. If your name is also your URL, they'll automatically know where to go. For example, when people think of, they don't have to wonder what URL to type into their browser to get there. The name of the site is also the URL.

  2. Generic Name VS Brand Name
    There is always controversial between choosing a generic name, or a brand name. But again, even though i always mention about how important to brand your web site, often the case, we are stuggling, to be generic, or to be specific.
    If, you are building a web site for your company (say your company sell condom, and so happened your company is Dulex (Du*ex), i guess you won't choose a domain name of or, certainly, would be your choice.

  3. Long Domain Name VS Short Domain Name
    The Longer The Better! But does it applicable here? I quite particular on this matter, a short domain name is always more preferable. I am short but i am strong (I mean height)!

  4. Hyphented Names VS Non-Hyphented Names
    Hyphented is prefered, if your prefered domain name has been choosen. For example, if you would like to apply for a domain name, and is so happened taken by someone, and you are so desperate for the domain name, for god sake, go for

Of course, there are lotsa guidelines or best practices out there. But the key is, choose a domain name which is easy to remember, easy to type, and related to the nature of your web site!


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