Monday, November 28, 2005

What should i put in my web site?

Sometimes, is not the matter of how well we can design our web site, or how fancy can the graphics be. Most of the time, contents and information is the KING!

If your still remember my previous post about some basic guidelines on building web site.

Perhaps by know, we all know content is important for your web site, peoples browse through the Internet searching for information, your web site must be INFORMATIVE, and these information must also relevant to your LINE OF BUSINESS!

Most of the time, we just can't get any idea on what should we start of with, well, i am sure you have noticed this before, most of the web site out there, esspecially company's web site (typical .com web sites) will have the following pages: -
  1. Home - Introduce your web site!

  2. About Us - About your company.

  3. Products / Solutions / Services Offered - What your company can do, or what your company sells.

  4. What's New - Some announcements / news about your company.

  5. Contact Us - How can peoples contact your company, where is your company located.

  6. FAQs - Some general Questions and Answers about your Products / Solutions / Services / Company.

Be observant! Make some search on the Internet and prove me wrong! On the next article, let's see what content should be put in to spice up our web site (Maybe chillis)


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