Monday, November 14, 2005

Why this blog?

It was 3 years back, when I was hosting my very first web site, which is part of the deliverable for my college module (Not to mention about those homepages built using Geocities). I still remember the pain it takes to host a public accessible web site!

Well, I have started of developing the web site from scratch, by referring to some very “useful” HTML reference books; those books taught me every single thing about HTML, I mean, is really all about HTML and not more than HTML (I bet if you have ever bought any HTML books, you will find it very true). As a beginner, I am expecting some guidelines, what I mean is some very useful guidelines about what are the tools I need, what are the steps I should follow, and what are the best practices, my ultimate aim is to get my web site done and hosting on the web so it is public accessible, not about learning all the elements in HTML!

I’ve came across the pain, and I know your pain; that’s the motivation for me to work on this blog, which is essentially what you want to know, and what you really have to know, to build your HTML web site.


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